About ME

My name is Janina Victoria and Iā€™m a graphic designer and visual artist. I spent the last six years living in Australia, studying Visual Art and developing my skills as a Graphic Designer. At the start of August 2017 I began a new adventure and I'm now based in South West of London.

  • I believe that creativity is a lifestyle and how we perceive the world we live in. I am passionate about finding the beauty in everything and doing life whole-heartedly with open eyes and open hands.

  • Creativity is never meant to be kept for oneself, but rather to be shared, expanded and multiplied. I try to live by the phrase 'Keep it close to heart but loose in your hands.'

  • I believe that what you do is meant to bring excitement into your bones, I believe best art is using your hands, heart and feelings and I believe that ANYTHING is possible.


2018 Solo exhibition, Not Just Another Store, London

2017 Artwork printed on candle for 'Alchemy Produx' 6th artist series

2016 Feature in Australian E-Magazine 'Lagoon To The Moon

2015 'Sydney Open', Masonic Centre Sydney, Australia 

2015 Yen Art Award, Top 20 Finalist (out of 600 applicants) Gaffa Gallery Sydney, Australia

2015 Feature in American Online Magazine 'Wolftree Mag

2015 Solo Exhibition 'Infinite', Painter's Gallery in Manly, Australia  

2014 Group Exhibition 'coalesce', C3 Oxford Falls Sydney, Australia