Be Human Again


It is so easy to get caught up in the business and drama of life, that we sometimes forget to just stop and take in the wonders around us. It is so important to not lose sight of the beauty surrounding us and its the most rewarding thing to do, especially when going through a difficult or stressful season in life. 

Yesterday I went on a date just by myself. I was thirsty for just sitting in the nature and just breathe again. Without even thinking or saying anything to anyone, I desperately just wanted to sit and breathe. So I got my coffee from the coffeeshop around the corner and went for a drive to McCarrs Creek and sat down on a rock near the creek and just took it all in. I didn't think, I didn't talk to anyone, I didn't check my phone...I literally just spent an hour watching the rhythm of the water and how it was forming patterns around the rocks. How nice is it to be somewhere where you can't hear any cars? All you hear is just the sound of nature, nothing else. For that moment that I was sitting there I felt like all troubles, all emotions, all the things I worried about, the things I had to do, even evil just disappeared. It did not matter. It was so quiet and calm like everything was in order and I felt this huge sense of peace. 

I'm a very task orientated person, constantly wanting to move forward and develop and keep going. I'm very passionate about my dreams and therefore work hard to get where I want to be, which is an amazing thing to do and thats how it should be like. It's an excellent thing to be focused on your vision, to work hard and to pursuit your dreams. But I feel like we have become so used to that busy fast-moving life that we don't even know anymore how to 'just be'. We're trying so hard to do things with excellence, to do things quick and to work harder, constantly developing and improving so we become better, limiting times with friends so that we have more time developing our business and filling our schedules with meetings and events. We're so routined in life and so focused on getting to a specific point that we lose sense of wonder. Sometimes we just need to unplug ourselves from all the business going on around us and be human again.