When paint and palms collide 


“Your eyes are the lamp of your body. When your eyes are unclouded, your whole body is full of LIGHT”  Luke 11:34 

Creative concept by Tess Guinery, miss creative genius and my inspirer for everything I want to be when grown up. 5 artists + 5 hand-models, music, coffee and lots of paint! My idea of a perfect day! 

Each artist had 20 mins to meet their hand model and learn all they could about each individual’s journey. From this conversation alone, art was painted by the artists onto the hands of the subjects as an interpretation of their story, their personality. Whether minimal, abstract, detailed - it was entirely the artist's initiative and the results were so wonderfully different! 

I was excited to be given Molly as hand-model. As I knew Molly from brief conversations before I knew it's going to be a fun ride, especially when we realized how similar we are. Molly is currently studying Graphic Design and is a lover of good Design work and everything else creative. As she likes structure, she likes it clean and detailed I decided to paint one hand intricate, structured and limited myself to only the colors black and white. The other hand was painted completely different: By using every color on my palette, just letting the paint freely run down her hands and do its own thing I wanted to express the other side to Molly, her joyful and bubbly spirit. See below the results: 


Artwork 1:


Hand artwork and interpretation by Artist: Janina Victoria @janinavictoria | Model: Molly Grover @mollygrover | Concept and photography by Tess Guinery @tessguinery |

See the other results: 

Artwork 2: 


Hand Artwork and interpretation by Artist: Caitlin Miller @courtchalean | Model: Madison @madisonaw

Artwork 3:

“Sophie had an amazing experience of travelling to Sweden to see her extended family for the first time as a grown up. She talked about interacting and eating with her family and embracing the culture and landscape as a part of herself. I wanted to express the gentle contentment of being with your own family, with your people.”

Hand Artwork and interpretation by Artist: Amanda Jones @thehonestjones | Model: Sophie Fitz @sophie_fitz

Artwork 4:

"In my painting I tried to capture the idea of an adventurer on a journey. There are many individual destinations on the way, which each play a part in forming Mike’s identity up to this point. And while the future is still open and unknown, the spirit of adventure loves this challenge."

Hand Artwork and interpretation by Artist: Alistair Mackenzie @alistair.mackenzie | Model: Michael Wargent @mikewargent

Artwork 5:

Tess is a a girl with a bright past and a bright future, who has sought an experience-filled life. 

Her left hand represents her 5 strong influences which then culminate at the eye to form her ‘world view’. I sensed a focussing and a sharpening occurring in her life, so the arrow coming from the eye depicts this/ Her right hand is about clearing the influences and chatter, and looking at who we really are. It’s about the battle betweenknowing who we are, and asking the question: who am I?

Hand Artwork and interpretation by Artist: Matt Sharp @thesharpy | Model: Tess Mcguiness  @tessietula

To see the full story and behind the scene shots, visit Tess Guinery's blog.