Why create?

There’s to inhale and exhale, to touch and feel, to see and taste, to ache and burn, to love and hope, to chase and fight - we were not made for shallow living.” 

People often come up to me and ask me about the inspiration and meaning of my paintings and very often my answers are alot longer than the person probably expected and wanted it to be ha. So I thought I take few minutes and write down what inspires me to create and why I do it. 

There's not one individual meaning for each art piece, it's more a common context, force that's moving me to paint the subjects I choose. I love painting abstract things, because I love the idea of creating something that is not visible in the physical but has to be felt with the heart. Other than a still life painter that literally paints what he sees in front of him, I paint what I see in my head. I feel and think in colours and textures. When I'm painting something abstract, I feel like I'm creating something new completely from scratch, something that really only created itself in my head and then went on to paper. I find this process incredibly precious, because I'm painting something that obviously exists in the unseen otherwise I wouldn't be able to see it in my head, but I get to put it on paper so that other people can see it too.

Even though I don't paint much that we physically can see, I paint from memories, colours and textures that I have seen somewhere before. Or I paint a moon the way I imagine it. So no work really is a first-time creation - it's all inspired by the very first creation. That's why painting for me is something so raw and personal and nothing makes me feel more connected to God, than when I'm painting completely from my imagination. 

What I have discovered over the last couple of years being an artist, is that imagination/creativity never runs out. I never run out of ideas what to paint. I did, when I had a time where I was only painting watercolour animals - at some point I didn’t know what animal to paint next and got really frustrated. So I started again and tried to do something that comes from my heart. But since painting abstract things; the subject literally never runs out. Before I even finish my current painting, I already see another idea on my mind’s horizon for the next one. And that is very much like God. You can't put a label on him or put him into a box; He's always the same, yet he's constantly changing and moving. There's always something to discover about Him and the treasure hunt is never ending. He’s an endless ocean. And that is why painting to me is the most personal thing I possibly could do. 

My most recent exhibition that I had (which is already almost a year ago) was called 'Infinite' and it talked about how there is so much more in the unseen, than we realise and that every person has infinite hidden potential and possibilities. 

“You get upset at things you do not understand, you have dreams at night your mind can not grasp and you see visions that you can’t put into words; you feel, you burn, you ache, you love - you’re not shallow. You’re a miracle.”

Humans are such complex beings; we have layers, dreams, passions and visions. We have skills that we're not even aware of, we dream of things that we can't fully explain, we imagine things and have an incredible power of making things possible. We are far more capable than we are able to understand. Our greatest weapon is our mind; it stores all creativity, imagination and dreams in it. If we think big of ourselves, we will accomplish big things; if we think little of ourselves, we will accomplish little things. Each person carries potential to change the world, if it’s for good or for bad - but any change that’s ever been made on earth was simply through a person. A person that started off as someone ‘ordinary’ turned into someone ‘extraordinary’ and changed the world. Everyone started at 0. It’s not talent that brings you far; it’s hard work. (Just ask Beyonce) But every person has infinite potential inside of them and the possibility to do something that can change the world. 

One of my favorite quotes is by the french author Anaïs Nin: “We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.”

The past, present and future is constantly shaping us, creating who we are. We’re everything else than shallow - we have layers, we have depth, we have insight, we have intuition, we have fear, we have pain, we have dreams and visions. I believe that the unseen is more real than what our eyes can see and I believe that every single person is a miracle. And that sounds super dramatic and poetic - but it’s true. We’re all walking miracles. 

Sometimes I just lay on my bed and doze off thinking about the human mind and it takes my breath away. We’re a piece of art, carefully and passionately formed by hands. Creativity was bursting and life was breathed into us. The same creativity that spoke the universe into existence, is the creativity that is flowing through your soul and keeping you move. 

The same creativity that formed the mountains in New Zealand, the deserts in Morocco and the oceans in the pacific is the creativity you use when you create something. Whatever it is, it can be painting, it can be sewing, taking photos, making videos, designing, writing music, coming up with a strategy, writing etc. It’s all creativity that was breathed into your soul from beginning of time and the reason why you feel the urge to create. 

I told you - it’s absolutely mind-blowing. 

How can anyone ever think they’re ordinary?

So, that is why I create. I’ve got to. It was breathed into my soul. I was made for it. My problem is not to come up with something, it’s more of letting it out.

Anyways, this was just little something from my heart to yours. There’s a lot more I could write on this topic, but I think this is good for a start.